Warden Force
7 Books ★ Over 100 True Stories!

  • Preview: Night Rider

    A California warden pursues highly dangerous night-poachers of wild pigs.

  • Preview: Grim Witness

    Dangerous pot-growing poachers use pipe bombs to kill king salmon.

  • Preview: Delta Ghosts

    A team of wardens ambush outlaw gillnetters at Grizzly Bay, in the same Delta waters patrolled 80 years earlier by Fish Patrol Warden and famous writer, Taylor London.

  • Preview: Cold, Cold, Hearts

    A California warden, at great risk to himself, flies to Alaska to help state troopers there deal with a team of highly dangerous, cruel and destructive grizzly poachers.

  • Preview: Delta Ambush

    Night-prowling, canoe-borne wardens stalk a wily and destructive Delta outlaw.

  • Preview: Ordeal at Skull Canyon

    A dark night and a mistake on an offshore island nearly proves fatal for a young warden.

  • Preview: Deadly Intent

    An alert warden stays alive and saves a life.

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